AMW fotoOur company, AMW-Marine, was founded in 1969 and is representing well-known manufacturers of propulsion systems and fluid handling products for the maritime and industrial markets. We have a team of highly skilled engineers for consulting, selling and engineering a large range of propulsion systems. AMW designs and delivers fixed pitch propellers up to 4000 mm in diameter, especially for inland-cargo and coastal vessels.


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We also supply controllable pitch propellers, azimuth- and bowthrusters from Berg Propulsion Sweden together with Renk gearboxes. From Renk we also provide membrane- ,curved tooth couplings, dredge pump- and cutter gearboxes. For the fast craft propulsion systems we supply the well-known Hamilton waterjets combined with advanced electronic steering devices, manufactured in New Zealand.

AMW has a long-term business relation with the manufacturer APV, who produces a wide range of plate heat exchangers and freshwater distillers. Special calculation programmes enable us to select the most efficient plate heat exchanger for various cooling – and heat recovery systems either on board or onshore.

AMW also represents the well-known Leistritz GmbH screw pumps, with their wide range of pumps an excellent extension on our fluid handling products for the maritime and petro chemical industry.

All delivered components are worldwide commissioned and serviced by our team of mechanical and electrical service engineers.