Argument Geomatica fotoArgument-Geomatica is an independent survey company with senior experience and a broad view in the field of land and construction surveying. We are not solely obsessed by the survey process, but also support companies in the practical implementation of survey assignments. Because of our insight in land survey, we advise the best measurement techniques. We apply the clients requirements and provide high standing quality which prevents any delay of the process.


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• Deformation measurement in ship building, piping and steel construction to register deformations in existing constructions caused by vibration, adjacent constructions or renovations. 3D-measurement and registration of the deformations is conducted with a very high accuracy, on stable as well as on floating objects.
• Fitting measurement when joining objects (sections, interiors, engine room), to have a good 3D insight of all related structures in order to get the most ideal fitting. The accuracy varies between a few millimetres until sub millimetre level.
• Setting out of ship parts and measuring steel constructions can be conducted by traditional means, as well as by 3D measurement techniques. The accuracy varies between a few millimetres and sub millimetre level.
• Survey project management to reduce costs by controlling information flows (drawings, procedures, registration deviations, as-built).

Ratio-Survey is the operating company of Argument-Geometica: