Arntz van Helden BV

Trust is the basis

Profielfoto AvHThe adjustment of losses is customized work, each and every loss is a new challenge. A delicate blend of specialist knowledge, flexible procedures and clear communications. Our clients have to be able to trust our integrity. At Arntz | van Helden bv Expertisebureau we make every effort to gain that trust and retain it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the world. And we have succeeded in doing this for more than 100 years.


R. van Dijk
P.O. Box 5828
F +31 (0) 10 241 60 70

Arntz | van Helden, which is a subsidiary of the Van Ameyde group and established in Rotterdam, is the pre-eminent specialist for investigations into marine, technical and constructional claims. Every claim, however complex its nature, is a challenge for the Arntz | van Helden professionals. Worldwide we handle over 2000 surveys, technical investigations and risk inspections, by order of insurers, brokers, government agencies and industrial clients.

Arntz | van Helden employs 15 professionals who are active worldwide in the following six technical disciplines:

  • Hull and Machinery (seagoing vessels, inland vessels, pleasure craft)
  • Marine New building & Guarantee
  • Land-based equipment
  • CAR / Property All Risks
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Electronics / Computers

Expert and independent professionals as we are, with many years of experience in a wide range of technical disciplines, we have a no nonsense approach.