Coops en Nieborg BV

Coops & Nieborg fotoAs a supplier to shipyards Coops & Nieborg is one of the largest of its kind. The hatches, associated cranes and hydraulic lifting systems designed by the company for ship’s bridges are increasingly being used in ocean-going vessels.


H. Reinek
P.O. Box 226
F +31 (0) 598 39 24 27

The main activity is the design and manufacture of hatchcovers, tween deck hatchcovers and hatchcover gantry cranes for ocean-going vessels. The construction company is also responsible for after-sales care and maintenance. In addition Coops & Nieborg builds ship sections for customers worldwide and constructions for the aluminium and stainless steel industry. The hatchcovers are available in all possible dimensions. Because the hatches can move freely in relation to each other and to the coaming, the entire hold can be opened. The hatchcovers are completely watertight due to threefold seals, they have no moving parts and are easy to maintain. The hatches can also be manufactured under licence abroad and can be combined with a hatchcover gantry crane built in the Netherlands. The hatchcover gantry cranes are also available in a range of sizes. They are completely hydraulic and can lift and move both the hatchcovers and the tweendeck hatchcovers/grain partitions. The cranes can be fitted with winches and store cranes, amongst others.

All hydraulic lines, shafts, hydraulic parts and protective covers over the electric engine are made of stainless steel. The bearing rollers are made of plastic. This all guarantees few faults and little in the way of maintenance to the crane. In modified form, the crane is ideally suited to use in ports and industrial sites. With the aid of the crane, many logistical solutions can be found in order to move containers and steel plates.