Dagin Marine Technology

DAGIN Marine fotoDuring years of shipbuilding in the northern part of the Netherlands an extended supply industry was established. Because of their knowhow these suppliers also became highly appreciated by other shipyards. Nowadays this industry offers their products all around the world. The combined knowledge of six of these companies, their experience, their intelligence has made it possible for six of them to join their forces in several fields. The companies are located close to each other and therefore management-lines and engineering-lines between them are short. That enables an extreme efficient way of cooperation, exchange of knowledge and it creates a sort of one-stop shopping for shipyard as well as shipowner. A fast working and innovating export organisation is the result.


H. Pronk
Ericaweg 25
1272 CR , HUIZEN, NL

The companies are:

  • Börger BV: (Stainless) steel and aluminium constructions: hatches, doors, oiltanks, gangways, railings, stairs etc.
  • Benes Machinefabriek BV: Rudders (all types), rudderstocks, rudder trunks, sterntubes, heavy constructions, engineering, repairs.
  • Coops & Nieborg BV: Hatch covers, hatch cover cranes, lifting equipment, deckcranes.
  • Gebr. De Haan BV: Engineering, supply of components and installation of HVAC-systems and sanitation.
  • Esme Marine BV: Design and supply of ship’s interiors of all types, complete accommodations.
  • Skidpiping BV: Prefab piping systems (complete systems or separate pieces), bending of pipes, heatexchanger spirals.