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Damen Marine Components (DMC) and Van der Velden Marine Systems (VDVMS) recently announced a merger. As of 1st January 2018 the two companies are operating together as Damen Marine Components Netherlands (DMC NL).

DMC has been operating ever since the early eighties of the last century in the Damen Shipyards Group, whilst VDVMS has been operating as an independent part of the Damen Shipyards Group’s components division since 2013. So in many ways the merger represents a continuation of a successful working relationship. However, the decision was taken to bring the two companies closer together in order to enhance performance.

Propeller Nozzles, Rudders and Special Marine Constructions

Damen Marine Components has a long tradition in shipbuilding. In recent decades, DMC has specialised in the design and production of nozzles for various types of ships. DMC supplied more than 8,000 nozzles for propeller diameters ranging from 500 up to 10,000 mm. Apart from nozzles, all kinds of special shipbuilding components are being produced for various shipyards and shipowners. All marine constructions are manufactured at one of our own production sites in Holland, Poland or China. Next to these products, DMC now has started to develop and construct special winches, such as Render Recovery and Towing winches. High quality, reliability and short delivery times at a market-oriented price are our guiding principles.

Van der Velden® Marine Systems

Van der Velden® Marine Systems products are recognised as being state of the art. Wherever possible, products are integrated in a complete system with a tailor-made approach. Reliability, ease of maintenance, safety and a long life-span are key drivers throughout the design, manufacturing and installation processes. Customers and yards alike benefit from an easy to install and integrated solution, a unified overall design and one project coordinator for the manoeuvring system.

Damen Marine Components offers a variety of professional services to keep your manoeuvring system in excellent condition. These include: commissioning, installation, maintenance, inspections, repairs, service contracts, upgrades and modifications and spare parts. These services are performed by our skilled service engineers, and can be provided at your location or at our headquarters. Our extensive network allows us to quickly be present on location and we practically deliver every part directly from stock.

Designed to perform – Built to last

Every type of ship has its own specific requirements with regard to the propulsion and manoeuvring systems. This applies to the design, power, performance, dimensions and quality. From the propulsion engine through to the propeller, nozzle and rudder, everything is completely tailored to the tasks of that ship. DMC has developed a product for practically every type of vessel to enable optimal performance and maximum efficiency. based on extensive experience and aided by advanced methods of design and analysis, DMC is happy to support you throughout the entire process, from initial idea to execution.

Damen Marine Components: ‘Designed to perform – Built to last’

Location Hardinxveld (former DMC)

Nijverheidsstraat 8
3371 XE Hardinxveld-Giessendam
The Netherlands

T:     +31 (0)184 67 62 62
F:     +31 (0)184 67 62 67
E:     info@damenmc.nl

Location Krimpen (former VDVMS)

Dorpsstraat 67 A
2931 AD Krimpen aan de Lek
The Netherlands

T:     +31 (0)180 511577
F:     +31 (0)180 511578
E:     marinesystems@vdvms.com