Euro HÜBNER Benelux BV

With over 25 years of experience in the heavy duty industries e.g. on-& offshore and the marine industries, but also in the steel plants, paper, cable & wire industry , euro HÜBNER benelux has a proven track-record in (co-)engineering, high- quality service and project management.


P. Faessen
Parlevinkerweg 44
5928 NV, VENLO, NL
F +31 (0) 475 40 65 09

All our products are sustainable and designed for a long lifetime, resulting in optimal performances and ensuring our customers the highest Return-On-Investment possible. To maintain these performances, sometimes service and/or maintenance is required.

Our product range includes a fine selection of established names, such as:

  • Encoders, tacho’s and electronics from Baumer HÜBNER Berlin;
  • Brakes and brake –systems from Pintsch Bubenzer;
  • Industrial LED lighting from Nanhua-Europe;
  • Force measuring systems and components from FMS;
  • Data transmission, conversion, displays and safety modules from Motrona;
  • And magnetic linear and angular measuring, positioning and controlling systems from Elgo.

To complement our extended service package, we always ensure to have a large stock, which guarantees short delivery times due to our central location.

Our service package includes:

  • Providing service in our own workshop;
  • Offering service on local sites;
  • Large stock available;
  • Dedicated brands;
  • Own engineering skills;
  • Quick response time;
  • 24/7 available for emergency calls;
  • Shop-floor and in-house training.