Formaco Forgings & Castings

Intermediary for supply of Forging and Casting.


Robert Heester
Cuijkseweg 4
5443 PA, Haps

Companies sometimes ask themselves: “Can’t our purchasing department simply purchase these supply products from abroad itself, without an intermediary, mediator or commercial agent being involved, who ultimately also has to have his commission?”

Formaco Forgings & Castings answers that question below.Since 1995 Formaco delivers pre-machined or complete machined forged – and casted parts. A large range of customers in the Netherlands or of broad will be provided with shafts, rings, bushes, flanges or free form designs. Cooperation with specialized forging shops, foundries and machine shops secures the best quality price level. Our cooperation are mainly with European and Turkish situated factories, each specialized in certain production processes. Customers are primarily found in industries that are involved in engine construction, shipbuilding, offshore, machine equipment or infra structure. To meet the different needs of our customer, products can be supplied in standard or special alloys, stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, completed with the required inspection documents.

“What matters is to take away a lot of care and risk for you as a customer; in our case when it comes to the international purchase of cast or forged products that may involve a high purchasing risk, for example if there are complex machining operations that have to be carried out sequentially by different machines and companies”. If something goes wrong in this entire chain, it is often unclear who will take responsibility for this.”

Formaco as intermediary and conductor:

“We as Formaco know our suppliers through years of cooperation and know exactly which manufacturers are most suitable for a particular product or processing. We ‘direct’ as it were between the different companies that have to carry out the process steps, and ensure that everything is carried out on time and according to the agreed specifications during the manufacturing process. Formaco takes the risk completely out of the hands of the purchaser, who finally, because of the large purchasing package that he often has, has something else to do than having to keep his finger on the pulse of the various international producers of his product(s) that can be processed multiple times”.

Formaco as one point of contact:

“The big advantage of Formaco is that the customer only has one point of contact. Due to the great expertise, the buyer can assume that the production and processing of his purchased product (s) are in good hands, and that the specifications and agreed delivery times are met”.

Formaco is Western European quality:

“Thanks to the many years of cooperation with our producers, we know exactly what our specializations are. All our manufacturers work at a Western European quality level, which has been built up over the years of cooperation with us. Furthermore, we know the people and therefore efficient communication is possible, which of course benefits the final result. In any case, it is clear to our Forgings & Castings  sector: Formaco ‘unburdens’, so that the entire manufacturing process is streamlined. We prove to be absolute added value”.