Hug Engineering BV

Soottech fotoYour Partner in Exhaust Emission Reduction

Hug Engineering BV designs, manufactures and supplies products and services related to the emission reduction of reciprocating engines.


A. Wijnberg
Josink Esweg 38
F +31 (0) 53 488 21 21

Hug Engineering BV is your local supplier and maintenance company for:
• PM reduction technique approved by VERT highest efficiency (> 98%)
• PM reduction alsowith burner assistance for low temperature applications
• CO reduction with integrated Oxidation catalyst
• NOx reduction integrated by SCR technology and use of well known AdBlue
• SCR systems including IMO TIER III certification
• SCR / DPF systems according NRMM Stage 5
• Tailor made SCR / DPF / Silencer solutions

Our markets:

  • Power generation sets
  • Propulsion engines
  • Industrial applications
  • Road – and Off-road equipment

Our product range:

  • Catalytic converters for SCR, CO, PM, Smoke and Smell
  • SiC catalytic PM – soot filters
  • SCR systems for DeNOx
  • Measuring equipment and other instrumentation

Our services:

  • We have our own Service department with field & desk support
  • Lloyds approved products
  • PM and NOx measurements
  • Remote control
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning

Hug Engineering BV offers a series of standardized and special fit for purpose products with well-known product names like nauticlean® and mobiclean®, for use on locomotives, luxury yachts, in land vessels, building equipment, gen-sets and trucks.