ROHR-IDRECO Dredge Systems B.V.




F. Vrooland
Logistiekweg 5
7007 CJ, DOETINCHEM, Nederland

ROHR-IDRECO designs and manufactures a complete portfolio of premium quality deep digging electric dredging vessels and equipment for the mining, dredging and dam desiltation industries.

All systems are built to last and according to the highest specifications. Each comes with a lifetime supply of parts and services being an integral part of the company’s scope. ROHR-IDRECO dredgers are (as standard) electrically driven, and its advanced iDredge® automation and monitoring software ensures the highest efficiency for the lowest possible energy consumption. Further benefits include reduced wear and tear on equipment, a low-carbon footprint and minimal noise pollution.

By investing in a ROHR-IDRECO deep-digging dredge you invest in the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and sustainable dredging method for many years to come.


The Netherlands is famous for its battles against the sea and water, and ROHR-IDRECO can leverage on centuries of world-renowned Dutch and German dredging and engineering expertise. This is combined with sixty years of in-house experience in sand and gravel extraction.

With our European headquarters in the Netherlands and manufacturing facilities in Germany and the USA, we serve a global clientele. ROHR-IDRECO is committed to developing innovative and sustainable vessels and equipment by combining ingenious design with the latest technological advances and highest quality materials.


ROHR-IDRECO’s creative, proactive, and forward-thinking approach to automation is at the core of its activities. By investing considerable R&D resources into its fully-automatic and remote-controlled dredge systems, the company developed its revolutionary iDredge® concept. Clients can customize their dredges with the iDredge package that suits them best. It comes in three tiers: “Eyes Underwater”, “Making Waves” and the most complete package, “iDredge For You”.

This smart approach to dredging systems also includes the option for detailed data collection and automated analyses on performance. This allows ROHR-IDRECO to offer customers bespoke advice on how to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption. Tailor-made programs for preventive maintenance or the timely replacement of consumables are offered, keeping down-time to an absolute minimum.