IHC Holland BV

IHC Dredgers_fotoIHC Holland, location Kinderdijk, The Netherlands, is part of Royal IHC (IHC) and the global market leader in the development, engineering and construction of self-propelled dredgers. These vessels meet the specific requirements of the customer, because they are involved in every step of the design process.


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The knowledge and expertise of the shipyard’s in-house engineering team are reflected in every detail of the build. These qualities are complemented by the investment that has been made by IHC Holland in CAD/CAE/CAM technologies.

All the main dredging components and systems are designed and produced within IHC. Other parts are manufactured in close co-operation with suppliers in this region of The Netherlands, which guarantees optimum integration of dredging and other vital systems.

The manufacturing facilities consist of a state-of-the-art covered slipway, which can accommodate newly built ships to a maximum of approximately 200 by 31 metres in length and breadth respectively. The yard is located on a wide waterway with open access to the Rotterdam port area.

Furthermore, IHC Holland’s base consists of advanced pre-fabrication machines and climate-controlled painting facilities. Highly skilled workers, in-house engineers and an optimum interior production process guarantee impeccable standards of quality, combined with short project lead times.