Kalkman Scheepstechniek BV

Kalkman fotoKalkman has specialized in bow and stern thrusters for over three decades and has come up with a wide variety of types and dimensions up to 1500 kW suitable for every kind of vessel.


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Kalkman supplies 5 basic thruster systems:

  1. Tunnel thrusters (retractable or not), with a vertical mounted propeller.
  2. Steering grid systems, with a horizontal mounted propeller and the same thrust in every direction over 360°. Thrust is available with a draft of only 30 cm.
  3. Channel systems, also with a horizontal mounted propeller. The thrust comes through 2, 3 or 4 channels. Also available in a patented version with 15% more thrust/kW.
  4. Tunnel-steering grid systems, a mix of a tunnel thruster and a steering grid system.   This system is very useful as an emergency propulsion unit.
  5. Channel-steering grid systems, a mix of a channel thruster and a steering grid system. This system is very useful as a shallow draught thruster system and is used to keep vessels in position by connecting the thruster to a DP-system.

Kalkman thrusters can be supplied with electric, diesel or hydraulic drive systems
Kalkman also supplies the (remote) control systems.
Kalkman can be your partner in custom-designed thruster solutions.
Kalkman invented the ballastjet, a very efficient alternative to the standard ballast pumps with no piping and small space and power needed: e.g. 1200 m³ water with an 11 kW electric motor.