Kolmer Elektromotoren BV

IE2The most essential part of rotating electrical equipment is an electric motor. This electric motor is the main product of Kolmer Elektromotoren. This product requires a wide range of technical knowledge from the product but also from the application.


J. Spanhaak
Industrieweg 16
F +31 (0) 341 36 96 90

If there are special mechanical details, Kolmer has the possibility to produce the necessary part(s) in there own workshop. This way of working gives Kolmer a big advantage in the market.

Kolmer Elektromotoren stands also for quality. Our quality certificate by Llodys is according the latest ISO9001.

The wide range of electric motors run from 60W up to 5MW. Our line of products can be divided into the following categories:
–          Standard squirrel cage electric motors
–          Standard motors with increased rated output
–          Single phase motors
–          High efficiency motors according IE2 (EFF1)
–          Hydraulic Oil Submerged motors
–          Brake motors and special crane or winch motors
–          ATEX motors for zone 1 and 2 (Gas), and zone 21 and 22 (Dust)
–          Flame proof motors also brake motors
–          Flame proof motors for frequency convertor drive
–          High voltage motors

Kolmer Elektromotoren is proud of the fact that they establish a long relationship with there customers. When a customer calls us with an enquiry, he always gets a prompt answer and a correct offer.

“With the service and quality of Kolmer Elektromotoren, you always find a the solution that fit!”