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Welding aluminium to steel using TriClad®

TriClad® structural transition joints are bimetallic strips or pads used to facilitate the joining of dissimilar metals by common welding techniques in shipyards today. Particularly where those metals cannot be joined by conventional welding processes.


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TriClad® in maritime constructions

TriClad® is used in 1000’s of (super)yachts, vessels and cruise ships as naval architects rely on the weight reduction of aluminium and the durability of steel in their build. For structures above the waterline to reduce overall deadweight or to lower the centre of gravity, thus improving roll performance. TriClad® enables the best of both metals.

TriClad® can be used to:

  • Join aluminium superstructures to steel decks;
  • Join aluminium decks or bulkheads to steel hulls;
  • Fit any component such as pillars, partitions etc. between steel or stainless steel and aluminium and
  • Fit steel components to aluminium hulls (e.g. engine mounts)

Typical ships and boats where TriClad® is being applied:

  • Luxury yachts
  • Cruise ships
  • Military navy ships like fregats, destroyers, aircraft carriers etc.
  • Coast guard patrol boats
  • Fishing boats, tugs and other work boats
  • High speed catamarans

TriClad® is from stock available in aluminium – steel combinations in 19, 28, 33 and 34,5 mm high bars and aluminium – (stainless) steel with an titanium interlayer is available in 31.5 mm bars.

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