Meteo Group

Meteo GroupMeteo Group is Europe’s leading independent weather forecasting company with offices in Europe and USA and it’s headquarters in Holland. Our dedicated team develops tailored solutions for professional markets including transport, maritime, agriculture, energy, media; while our skilled meteorologists provide forecasts, support, monitoring and consultancy services 24-hours day, 365 days a year.


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MARITIME shipping
Meteo Group provides a global service. Well over 2500 ships have been equipped with the SPOS On-board Weather Routing and voyage planning system. Detailed forecasts are sent to the ships and with SPOS the master can display and calculate the optimum route. Also speed may be optimized to arrive in time with a minimal fuel consumption. RouteGuard is a shore-based ship routing service which can be managed remotely. Our team of master Mariners and Nautical Meteorologists provide information to ship Operators and Masters around the Globe. Benefits includes: Fuel Savings, Reduced CO2 emissions, Reduced transit times, Optimize planning based on accurate ETA’s, Monitor your ships’ performance (Incl PVAR).

MARITIME Offshore.
Meteo Group also provides dedicated weather services for offshore operations of oil majors, contractors, dredging and salvage companies. From port to deep water, rig moves to surveys, we ensure you get the latest and most accurate weather reports.