Ned Marine Services BV

Ned Marine Services BV (NMS) is a world-wide leader in ship and off-shore related inspections and products. Our mission is to serve customers with the highest quality against the most favorable price. NMS has her main office in Ridderkerk (The Netherlands) and can be reached 24/7 by phone, email, etc.
As a renowned supplier of shipping and port anodes (NMS) is able to deliver most types of aluminium and zinc anodes immediately because of having stocks readily available.


G. Monster
Tinstraat 109
F +31 (0) 180 49 98 10

Moreover Ned Marine Services BV is specialized in all kinds of marine inspections with reports being of high quality and always delivered timely. A team of NMS is stand-by ‘round the clock’, ready to serve customers at any time, at any place and against fair rates!
As an exclusive supplier of an ultrasonic anti-fouling system (USAF) Ned Marine Services BV aims to contribute to a cleaner environment as well.

Ned Marine Services

UTM and NDT inspections, Leak detection, New building inspections, Dry dock inspections, Pré-vetting inspections, Coating inspections, Sales and purchase inspections, 3D design

Ned Industrial products and services

Gangways, Pilot ladders, Ventilators, Turbo spares, Hoisting equipment, Pilot ladder magnet, Anti-piracy products, Safety and protection tapes, Trucks and carriers

Ned C-pro

Cathodic protection (aluminium/zinc/magnesium anodes), USAF (Ultrasonic Anti-fouling), ICCP (sales and services)

Ned Marine Services BV is certified by all mature classification societies and also an ISO 2001/2008 and VCA* certified company.