At Pentair (Inc.), we believe that the health of our world depends on reliable access to clean water. We deliver a comprehensive range of smart, sustainable water solutions to homes, business and industry around the world. From approximately 130 locations in 34 countries, Pentair’s 10,000 employees are united in our unwavering belief that the future of water depends on us.


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The Pentair branch in Winterswijk (The Netherlands) specializes in the design, production and maintenance of tailor made pumps and pump systems. In 1904 we started as a local textile workshop, but have since become a specialist in the water world. Our pumps and systems are delivered worldwide. We have our own R&D and engineering department, foundry, machine shop, assembly shop, test facility and service network. From design to installation and maintenance, we offer our customers a complete solution.

Pumps and pump systems

Applications for which our pumps are used include drinking water pumping stations, irrigation pumping stations, wastewater installations, desalination installations and flood control. Furthermore, our pumps are also used in maritime, dredging, general industrial and petrochemical applications and other heavy industries. We are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and work in accordance with the ISO 26000 social responsibility guidelines. This means that we minimise our footprint and focus on total cost of ownership for our customers during the development of our products.

Firefighting pumps and pump systems

Over the past few decades, we have become market leader in the field of  tailor made firefighting pumps and complete pump rooms for industrial, oil & gas and maritime applications. All of our firefighting pumps and pump sets are available in accordance with various international standards. In addition, we have a dedicated production line for standard pump sets for sprinkler installations in logistic and utility projects. Customers benefit from a dedicated sales team, short delivery times and great after-sales service.

Worldwide after-sales services

Great service is very important to us. With this in mind, we offer a ​ broad spectrum of after-sales services such as product training, commissioning, installation, repairs, condition-based maintenance and genuine spare parts. With four service centres in the Netherlands and a worldwide network, we can offer 24/7 service and maintenance on pumps of all brands and makes.


With successful innovations such as the bi-directional anti-heeling pump, the fish-friendly pump and the fish-friendly turbine, we have demonstrated that we can adapt to trends and developments in the market.  One of our recent innovations is the bi-directional tidal turbine. This turbine generates energy from tidal currents, but also is fish-friendly. By continuing to search for new innovations, we are making a significant contribution to a sustainable world!