OSD-IMT is a global one-stop resource delivering naval architecture and marine engineering skills to the shipping and offshore energy industries.


M. Brusselers
Capellalaan 115
2132 JM, Hoofddorp, NL

We draw on an experienced global workforce to provide high quality feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed designs for tugs and offshore support vessels of all types.

Ship conversion, refitting and upgrade projects are also keeping OSD-IMT busy. This is an area in which OSD-IMT has had considerable experience and expertise over the last 25 years.

OSD-IMT is based in IJmuiden the Netherlands, and also has offices in the UK and Singapore.

OSD-IMT builds its business on two key factors which set us apart in the market. These are a strong knowledge base and interest in environmentally friendly technology, and most important of all, our independence. We can offer our clients a full range of innovative designs from tugs to deepwater exploration and construction vessels.

The following range of ship types is a.o within the design portfolio of Offshore Ship Designers:
-Escort / Terminal tugs
-Utility offshore tugs
-Platform supply vessels
-Anchor handling supply vessels
-Standby rescue vessels
-Cargo ships
-Patrol vessels
-Research vessels