Orlaco Products BV

Orlaco Products BVOrlaco is an internationally active organization offering unique solutions to vision problems in the Marine sector. All our business activities such as; production, research & development, sales and service are all under our management. For the customer this means guaranteed quality and flexibility in all our products and services.
Our systems are manufactured under the strictest quality management conditions. Our ISO 9001-2000 certification assures that we not only focus on quality in our production areas, but that we also have an effective customer friendly after-sales service.


Wiebe van der Wijk
Postbus 193
F +31 (0) 342 40 45 56

Our delivery program includes:

¢ Compact Camera Colour
¢ Auto Focus Zoom camera
¢ Pan & Tilt Zoom camera
¢ Thermal Image camera
¢ Crane Cam systems
¢ Unis systems (for yachts and small sized ships)
¢ Switch systems
¢ Network based Smartview IP system

All our cameras are ruggedized and developed for use in harsh environments, 100% watertight (IP69) and have an operating temperature from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.