Orolia BV – Netwave Systems


M.H.J.C. van Ede
Blauw-roodlaan 100

Orolia BV – Netwave is the Leading Manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR). Certified with the new MSC333(90) regulations for Retrofit and New Building Vessels. We can provide the following benefits:

  1. More than just a Data Recorder, can be used for Management analysis and Decisions.
  2. Remote Monitoring of VDR installation and Data Integrity / Remote Maintenance
  3. Camera Recording & Monitoring
  4. Largest Worldwide Service Network, allowing Lower Travel Costs when Service APT or Installation is Required.
  5. Ease of Installation

Besides (S)VDRs: Orolia BV – Netwave introduced the Seawise concept, enabling data of the recordings of the VDR to be used to send via onboard Gateway via VSAT/FFB/4G network to the office for:

  1. Performance Analyses of vessel\’s data in combination with Vessels design specification
  2. Fleet Benchmarking
  3. Analyses of long term data in order to provide Master of information to optimize sailing performance.
  4. Low cost of installation of gateway in comparison to Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems

In 2011 Orolia BV – Netwave acquired Rutter\’s VDR division, making Netwave a Top Player in the VDR Market with over 5.500 installations. All Manufactured in Europe, Assuring Top Quality.