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B. van Dam
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F +31 (0) 71 522 49 47

Praxis Automation Technology has been in the ship-automation business for well over half a century and has built up a reputation as a solid partner. From automation and navigation systems to green propulsion and green ship technology, our experience is second to none. A key strength is being able to offer a full range of in-house capabilities that meet all of your needs. We offer high-quality innovative solutions that use the very latest technologies. Our products are designed to reduce your costs by minimising installation and maintenance work. And they carry a full 20 years guarantee, often equating to the life of a vessel. Customer service is a top focus. Our global network of service and sales locations offers skilled and knowledgeable support 24/7. Last but not least, we passionately care for the environment, which is why we are heavily engaged in developing clean, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the maritime sector.

Industry leading products

Praxis Automation has an extensive product portfolio, key to which are the industry leading, state-of-the-art ‘Mega-Guard Ship Automation, Navigation and Green Propulsion Systems’, based on the following sub-systems:

  • Green Propulsion
  • Alarm Monitoring and Control
  • Valve Monitoring and Control
  • Power Management
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Propulsion Control
  • Integrated Bridge
  • Crystal Bridge (Yacht)
  • Wiper Control
  • Navigation Light Control
  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Econometer (fuel-to-power measurement)
  • Internet Ship View
  • Internet Fleet Management

Solid partner

The company takes great pride in its reputation for quality, reliability and vast experience, which is based upon many thousands of installations carried out on all types of vessels. Similarly, the high levels of customer service provided by the company extend to all parts of the organization, both at its home base and throughout the extensive network of customer-support branches around the world.