Qmex Technology BV

Committing to our vision “Producing Without Waste”, we focus to make GREEN cast parts in an uncomplicated and economical way, without unnecessary process, costs, and environmental damage. Every time and every step we take!


Qing Houdijk
Munsterstraat 2F
7418 EV, Deventer

We are innovative metallurgy and casting experts in: High strength aluminium, titanium, steel alloys and super alloys. Our strength lies in high-performance, sustainable, cost-effective materials and casting processes.

What we offer

Aiming to reduce emissions while improving quality, cost-saving and boosting energy-efficiency, we focus on developing customized sustainable wear and corrosion resistant and pressure-retaining cast parts: such as, impellers, valves, cutter heads, air pipe heads, closed chocks, chain stoppers, etc. that are specifically suitable for the harsh environments in the maritime sector.

Eco-Design Components 

Our proficient metallurgists, process engineers, CAD engineers and R&D department are fully engaged to offer you climate-friendly one-stop-shop solutions. In addition to achieving low-emissions and energy-efficiency, our advanced approach has also a positive impact on the material properties of the castings, such as tight tolerances or optimal mechanical (strength vs toughness) and physical (conductivity) properties.

Your key benefits are:

  • Low emissions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost and time-saving
  • Lightweight, high strength (super) alloys
  • wear and corrosion resistant and pressure-retaining
  • Sustainable, right materials choice prolongs operating life of the cast parts
  • Welded assemblies can be redesigned into one casting
  • Near net shape with high dimensional accuracy and high complexity, avoiding extensive machining


The rapid changing market trends and environmental issues challenge the boundaries of traditional engineered alloys and casting processes. Therefore, it requires innovative heat and abrasion-resistant materials and casting technologies. Facing the urgent demands of new technologies and tighter regulations, we are now working on several R&D programs of the new alloys with advanced mechanical properties that will help you to meet the EU targets of emission reduction and energy efficiency.