Rotor®tug ,the safest way to tow!

Rotortug (KST BV) , is the knowledge center and sales office for the worldwide patented Rotor®tug concept.


E. Willemsen
Boompjeskade 123
F +31 (0) 10 214 16 77

The main characteristic of a Rotor®tug is its triangular set up of the Azimuth propulsion system. The Rotor®tug concept, is superior to the standard ASD and Tractor concepts and is the new standard in ships handling and escort towage operations.

The Rotor®tug concept provides operators with total control, optimal safety and most efficient towage operations possible under all circumstances. The renowned Robert Allen Ltd from Canada has been appointed as exclusive designer for the Rotor®tug. Tugboat operators or yards can purchase the license to build a Rotor®tug from Rotortug (KST BV) and the design will be from Robert Allan Ltd.

Both the operational knowledge of Rotortug (KST BV) and the ship designing skills of Robert Allan guarantee the best tugboat solution possible for any towage operation.

Rotor®tug, you are always in control!