At Sensing360 we understand and engage with the costumer, enabling to optimize their design, maintenance, and operation of their rotating asset with our smart photonic sensors and in house developed analysing algorithms.


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5342NJ, Oss

What we do

We extract actionable data for industry leaders in the maritime-, (wind)energy and oil & gas industry by using our photonic fiber-based sensor solutions in combination with our in house developed data processing algorithms. Optical sensors are passive and allow measuring with a large array of sensors in a small area. Together with our customers, Sensing360 pushes the boundaries of sustainable rotation.

Who we are

Sensing360 was founded in 2018 with the intent to mature and commercialize photonic sensing for rotating industrial applications. Our passionate team has broad R&D experience in mechatronics, data analytics, algorithm & software development, innovation and product development with a solution driven mindset. We focus to translate photonic signals into parameters that are relevant for real-time monitoring of heavy industrial rotating systems, based on profound knowledge of rotating industrial applications as well as our knowledge on measuring standards and alternative sensing technologies in the industry. We focus on foursectors: wind energy, Marine, oil & gas extraction, and propulsion. Our main goal is to help our customers making their rotating equipment, “smart” rotating equipment by adding our unique, patented solutions and knowledge.

Focus segments

With our optical sensors, we translate the shift in reflected wavelength into actionable data such as temperature, speed, frequency, (gearbox) torque, (bearing) load axial/radial and loaded zone. This can contribute our costumers in different stages of the product. In the design phase as design validation tool helping to safely design against the most optimum material cost and other requirements. During asset operation time, our system can help the operator to real-time extract operational parameters to optimize the operation and reach the most efficient production point. When the asset is in the field, asset limitation can be monitored to prevent any unwanted warranty cases and downtown.

This all with the speed of light!

Focus applications

  • (Planetary) gearboxes
  • Wind turbines
  • Winches
  • Heavy lifting
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Bearings