Skid Piping

Skid Piping owns extensive machinery for the purpose of cold bending of tubes in steel, stainless steel, cunifer, aluminium and other alloys. With this machinery we are able to bend tubes with a diameter of 8 mm up to 168 mm.


Rijksweg 101
9791 AB, Ten Boer

Multiple disciplines into the construction

Besides the specialized prefabrication of piping, we integrate multiple disciplines into the construction of modules and skids. A modular approach using prefabrication ultimately leads to better quality and faster completion times of your projects.

Construction and production of spiral tubes

Furthermore Skid Piping has the knowledge and the machinery to construct and produce spiral tubes for heat exchangers (used to heat up liquids or gasses in shipping industry or any other activity)

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Also for hydraulic and pneumatic systems Skid Piping can be your valuable partner. We have a great experience in producing the right tubes and pipes for all types of hydraulics, low pressure as well as mid- and high pressure.