TechBinder is founded out of the philosophy that Technology is available and in the right combination, it can bring huge value to the user. Both founders met each-other in 2014 during a pilot where we tested the possibilities digital technologies bring for shipping operations. As one was working for a major shipyard the other worked at a global technology provider. Together we connected the first vessel that was available and managed to bring a lot of useful insights for the yard and reach an return on investment of just one month. As both companies were struggling to manage an effective roll-out we decided to take our developments out of the corporate environment and further develop the application in a more flexible company, TechBinder. With strong connections to the global technology provider, we managed to build a solid and globally supported application called Smart Vessel Optimizer. As the technology provider makes sure Hardware and Software are meeting the right quality standards TechBinder innovates on functionality for our customers, Shipbuilders and Vessel owners. With this application, we bring data from ship to shore and help our customers develop towards digital twins and autonomous systems/vessels. We look forward to working with you.


Aldwin Schroot
Pauwenkamp 92
3607 GG, Maarssen