THR Marine

SEC fotoTHR Marine (formerly known as SEC Groningen), is the manufacturer and supplier of a range of deck equipment. For all the products THR Marine is the knowledge centre for engineering companies, shipyards and ship owners.


T. Jonker
Postbus 5041
F +31 (0) 50 312 35 35

Already in an early stage of the design process advise can be given about the optimal positioning and installation of the Ten Horn winches, POOL® anchors and mooring equipment. In this stage the wishes of the client can be transferred to an arrangement within the possibilities of the classification societies, rules of the different sailing area’s and technical options.

Assembly, installation, maintenance and repair are parts of the THR Marine programme. There are standard products, but also numerous possibilities for custom-made designs. Research, development, innovation, engineering and customer service provide the basis for a good co-operation.

THR Marine products are:

  • Ten Horn and Ridderinkhof winches
  • POOL® anchors
  • FAIRTRANS mooring equipment

Other products can be found in our catalogue.