Van Oossanen

Whether you’re a builder or owner, your vessel’s essence is in its naval architecture. That’s why Van Oossanen Naval Architects is fully dedicated to improving your vessel’s performance and the design process. From hull form to energy-saving appendages, from lay-out to construction methods.


N. Moerke
Nude 46
6702 DM, Wageningen

We have a team of dedicated experts in hydrodynamics, naval architecture and design management and we strive for the best possible performance, operability and comfort of boats, ships and yachts.

Van Oossanen has particular expertise in the design of high-performance sail and motor yachts, ships and advanced marine vehicles, as well as in the hydrodynamics area of naval architecture, built up in more than 25 years’ experience as independent naval architects, hydrodynamicists and marine consultants.

Well known is the patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF). With the FDHF a yacht is efficient over the entire speed range and not only in a restricted speed interval around the maximum speed. Other benefits include significantly increased comfort on board with better sea keeping and wave reduction. With the patented Fast Displacement XL® the company has achieved to find new volume-length ratios for yachts. The Fast Displacement XL® is combining maximum length within a tonnage restriction, ensuring a high standard of comfort and stability on board.

It’s in Van Oossanen’s mindset to continuously innovate and further optimise the performance of vessels, combining extensive in-house R&D with the use of state-of-the-art CFD software. The studio is a worldwide leader in naval architecture and ship optimisation.

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