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VDL AEC Maritime is a company with a long experience in engineering and manufacturing emissions abatement systems. Based on this experience, VDL AEC Maritime has developed several cost-effective scrubbers to efficiently reduce gas emissions, particularly sulfur and carbon (di)oxides.Scrubbing made simple With experience based on creating and implementing more than 2,300 land based scrubbers over the last 20 years and since 2013 completing more than 100 maritime SOx Scrubber projects.VDL AEC Maritime focuses on the development, engineering, sales, in-house manufacturing, commissioning, service & after sales of innovative maritime products and systems of the highest quality.SOx Scrubbers Over the years they have managed to make scrubbing simple. The open, closed and hybrid scrubber systems are easy to operate, maintenance friendly and can be fitted into vessels with various engine types.The VDL AEC Maritime EGCS is cost- & fuel efficient and easy to use. The vessel crew quickly learns to operate it during an effective familiarization session.Ship Based Carbon Capture The currently most reliable strategy to reduce carbon emissions is to capture the CO2 released during combustion from the exhaust gases. This CO2 must then be briefly stored on board until it can be unloaded in a port.A major advantage of a carbon capture system is that it hardly requires any adjustments to the current engine system. The system can be integrated in newbuilds and can also be retrofitted on existing

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