Alfa Laval Nijmegen BV

Alfa Laval Nijmegen fotoAlfa Laval Nijmegen BV (formerly known as Smit Gas Systems BV), designs, produces and services:
– Inert Gas and Nitrogen Systems for Chemical – and Product Tankers, Crude Oil Carriers, FPSO’s as well as Gas Carriers
– Exhaust gas cleaning systems for all vessels


St. Hubertusstraat 10
F +31 (0) 24 356 49 95

Oil-fired Inert Gas Generators

The Inert Gas is produced by the combustion of fuel oil into a water-cooled combustion chamber, in which complete combustion takes place. The absence of soot is guaranteed at all times. In combination with a cooler and dryer, these generators are therefore most suitable for LNG and LPG carriers.

Flue gas based Inert Gas Systems

The flue Inert Gas System is specifically designed for the exhaust gas from oil-fired boilers and is primarily used on-board crude oil tankers.

PureSOx Exhaust gas cleaning

PureSOx is Alfa Laval’s answer to the more stringent regulations regarding sulphur emissions. With the PureSOx scrubber installed vessels can continue to operate on HFO, containing up to 3.5% Sulphur. Instead of switching to the more expensive MGO. PureSOx payback times are typically 1 to 3 years.

With several systems installed on-board RoRo’s and ConRo’s, PureSOx has proven itself as a reliable and easy to operate solution capable of full compliance with the coming regulations!