Brainial B.V.

Brainial provides AI-powered solutions, high-level consultancy and training offerings to bridge the gap between what is possible on a technology level and generate instant business value for sales and marketing professionals, particularly for the maritime industry. Brainial offers 2 SaaS products: 1) market intelligence and 2) document analysis.



Market Intelligence
Brainail’s product is a Market Intelligence solution that enables companies to be automatically informed of what’s going on in their world. We combine trained industrial models, customer’s own data, market data and external public data in a unique way so that companies can act directly on events. delivers relevant signals about prospects, customers, competitors and the market leading to improvement of sales and marketing activities and a reduction in the time spent on research.

Document analysis
With this AI-based solution we automatically find and analyze the correct information in large quantities of documents and link it to a new document to be realized. This results in 1) saved hours, 2) increased quality of work, 3) learning effect of previous projects, 4) securing knowledge and experiences, and 5) increased employee satisfaction.