Cee-Bee Maritime / MerchINTs Cleaning & Services BV

Merchints fotoComplete vessel cleaning and aviation industry standards

Cee-Bee Maritime supplies a large number of top quality cleaning products for interior and exterior vessel cleaning originating from and meeting the high standards of the aviation industry. Cee-Bee products have approvals from aviation groups such as AMS, Boeing and Airbus.


G. Elhorst
George Stephensonstraat 25
8013 NL, Zwolle, NL
F +31 (0) 572 36 46 52

Superb and sustainable

Cee-Bee Maritime strives for the highest quality in cleaning products and considers environmental consequences and natural resources: the products are biodegradable and some are biological.

Done with clogged vacuum-lines!

The Cee-Bee Maritime product range includes the ultimate solution for vacuum and circulating toilet systems scale removal and prevention which is as unique as it is effective.

Smart Concept

Cee-Bee Maritime supports an extraordinary Smart Concept for vacuum toilet system cleaning maintenance and supplies special equipment:
– The Cee-Bee M Smart Concept: sustainable operation of the vacuum toilet system at manageable costs by superb cleaning products and a clever method.
– Adjustable Cee-Bee M Digital Dosing Units add descaling Liquid or Gel to the vacuum system.

Global supply

Cee-Bee Maritime products are produced and supplied globally from Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.