Holland Marine Technologies BV

Holland Marine Technologies fotoHolland Marine Technologies B.V. is an engineering & contracting company providing innovative dredger design and equipment packages to dredging contractors and shipyards (dredge builders).


J.W. de Wit
Pompmolenlaan 13
F +31 (0) 348 41 00 19

HollandMT’s core activities include the following scope:

  • Concept design studies and dredge consultancy services.
  • Basic design of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers, Backhoe dredgers, and other custom designed dredgers.
  • Supply of dredge equipment packages for above listed dredgers.
  • Supply of customized dredge parts, such as gate-valves, ball-joints, pipe elbows, spuds, wear liners and sheave blocks.
  • Project supervision, QA/QC and technical support services (for construction of dredgers)

HollandMT’s practical project approach is focussed on providing value-added services and equipment by making use of state of the art engineering, project management and cost effective fabrication facilities. HollandMT’s experienced team of engineers are highly motivated and eager to provide the ultimate solution for any of your dredge design- or equipment requirements.