Machine- & Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld BV

Kraaijeveld fotoWhichever winch you want, we make it

Since 1927 Machine- & Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld BV in Sliedrecht, has been specialized in designing and manufacturing winches for every possible application. In addition to a wide range of standard winches, we mainly occupy ourselves with the production of custom made winches, that are always finally tuned to your circumstances. A wide experience and extensive knowledge are available for meeting your specific requirements, together with well trained and skilled people and modern manufacturing methods.


C. Kraaijeveld
Industrieweg 61
F +31 (0) 184 41 94 47

Our winches can be applied to a wide range of situations:

– Dredgers
– Coasters
– Sea-going vessels
– Floating sheerlegs
– Tugs
– Fishing vessels
– Ferries – Tankers
– Multi purpose vessels
– River vessels
– Off shore vessels

A short survey of our supplies:

– Anchor winches
– Mooring winches
– Anchor handling winches
– Towing winches
– Waterfall winches
– Hoisting winches
– Spud winches
– Net winches
– Trawl winches
– Hydraulic power packs
– Capstans