O.S.M. International Services BV

Sometimes it is easier to take engineering works to the job, rather than the other way round. It seems impossible but it can be done. OSM employ a team of specialists who, by using mobile equipment, can carry out any machining job on site. This implies that, when working on large installations, the dismantling and mounting of existing parts is frequently not required, transportation to the workshop is no longer necessary and the installation only needs to be inactive for a short period of time. On Site Machining can reduce the time required for the work resulting in you saving time and money.


A. de Bruin
Edisonweg 17
, Strijen, Nederland

Our working area covers various trades, such as the chemical and petrochemical industry, power plants, steel processing industry, shipbuilding, food industry, off-shore and many other industrial branches. All activities are carried out by VCA qualified technicians with a vast know how and experience. We want our principals to know that Service, Quality and Safety are high on our list of priorities.

In the case of extreme dimensions or specials we are able to develop and produce portable equipment by ourselves. Therefore, we have knowledge, equipment and material stock upon which we can fall back, allowing us to complete your on-site work within an appropriate time schedule.

 Our mobile equipment can be used for the following:

  • preparation and facing of flanges;
  • beveling;
  • pipe cutting;
  • preparation of cylinders and liners;
  • line boring and tube alignments;
  • preparation of heat exchangers;
  • various boring and tapping work;
  • milling of bedplate surfaces;
  • preparation of axle journals;
  • grinding; • controlled loosening and tightening of bolt connections • project support