PureBlue Water

At PureBlue we are committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable water cycle. We do this by creating smart innovative solutions for the purification and application of used water. Our mission: “to return water to nature, in the state in which it was received”.


Sven Wittiber
Gentsevaart 21
4565 ER , Kapellebrug

In doing so, we pay much attention to reuse and restoration of soil and climate. PureBlue is a frontrunner when it comes to “the new water”. We are at the forefront of innovation in removing drug residues, with the lowest possible carbon footprint, and using treated water where it is most needed (agriculture, green cities, reuse industry, etc.).

The PureBlue installations are smart, compact, decentralised purification installations, based on biological purification. We do this both on water and on land. The waste? We turn it into a high-quality source for biodegradable products. This way we create value in every step of the chain.

The InnoPack

This innovative wastewater treatment system for ships treats all wastewater produced on board using advanced biological MBBR (moving bed bioreactor) technology. The InnoPack++ purifies toilet (black) and sanitary (grey) water as well as kitchen and laundry water to a high-quality effluent that can be safely discharged according to European standards. Thanks to the compact design, the installation can easily be fitted into technical rooms that have limited space. Via PureControl++, the installation is remotely monitored and controlled, which minimizes operational organisation.