Skoon Energy BV

Skoon Energy is a start-up with the mission to accelerate the energy transition, starting with maritime transport.


Overgoo 15
2266 JZ, Leidschendam, NL

90% of world transport is done by ships, mostly driven by fossil fuel engines. A sustainable solution for these vessels is necessary. Ships often stay in service for 25-30 years. This means that all current or new-build vessels will have to be converted to create a solution for clean propulsion.

The first focus of Skoon Energy is to introduce electric propulsion in the maritime industry on a large scale, through offering the service of electric sailing. This includes, but is not limited to, engineering and performing refit of existing vessels, to continue as electric vessels in Skoon’s infrastructure of swappable batteries.

Skoon Energy will manage the infrastructure of swappable batteries through a digital platform, enabling customers to view, order and track their Skoonboxes in real-time. Providing a safe network of reliable batteries, charged with 100% green energy, Skoon will contribute to the transition to clean energy.