STC Trade B.V.

STC Trade has created an environmentally-friendly alternative to the common metal filters. Their solution is HDPE filters and fibre-glass reinforced plastic castings. The filters have been developed under the brand name STC Perfoplast™. These fit perfectly in the STC Fiberstrain™ castings.


Hans Greve
Koninginnegracht 39
2514 AD, Den Haag

STC Trade successfully introduced the HDPE filters in the superyacht industry in 2009 and has been preferred supplier to many leading Dutch superyacht builders since. Over 1000 filters are onboard various superyachts and commercial ships around the world, including the new plastic bilge water filters.

Benefits of STC Perfoplast™ filters

  • Perfect corrosion-resistance in an (almost) unlimited lifespan.
  • Smooth surface ensures less fouling, easy cleaning and better water flow properties.
  • Accepted under IMO regulations.
  • Sustainable product, 100% recyclable.
  • STC Perfoplast™ filters can be supplied for any leading brand of strainers.

Heating blankets

STC Trade’s heating blankets are used to harden GRE adhesive joints for pipes and fittings. Our heating blankets have been re-engineered based on years of experience, making them more reliable, durable and easy to work with.


A new type of lightweight and compact shaver for glass fibre-reinforced pipes has been brought to market. Within 60 seconds, the shaver is set to the correct tube size by a smart calibre. In 20 seconds, a tube is shaved and ready for bonding.

Plastic products

STC Trade offers more sustainable solutions for shipbuilding and industry:

  • Sea chest grids.
  • Grease separator used in the kitchen.
  • Jacuzzi tanks.
  • Drinking water, grey water and black water tanks.