Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam BV

Vuyk Rotterdam fotoVuyk Engineering Rotterdam (VER) is a reliable and innovative design company serving the maritime industry. Driven by our continuously developing design and engineering expertise, we find the best solutions for every customer in the dredging, offshore, renewables and heavy lift market sectors. We provide services to owners, contractors, salvage companies, shipyards, authorities, investors and insurance.
We aim at long term partnerships with our customers. We believe that the best solutions are found when we share our knowledge and expertise. Integrity is therefore part of our natural attitude.


Lichtenauerlaan 2
3062 ME, Rotterdam, NL

Ship design is one of the core activities of Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam. Our dedicated team of well trained professionals provides design and engineering services for newbuildings, modifications and major conversions. Our main focus in the design process is to optimize the results to meet the needs of the clients, ensuring efficient operation and realizing tailor made, innovative, practical and effective solutions suitable for building worldwide.

Another important core activity is the design of special equipment for use on ships. Our team provides designs of complex mechanical structures, not available off the shelf. Equipment designed by VER is optimized with regard to the interface with the vessel and takes into account the vessel motions, dynamic loads and the typical requirements that working at sea demands.

Our practical and theoretical expertise in marine operations engineering is our third and a unique core activity. We provide consultancy, design and engineering services related to the execution of works above, on and below water level. Our theoretical approach, backed-up by practical experience and combined with extensive expertise in ship and equipment design, ensures practical and efficient solutions for operational problems.

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is the address for high end solutions and innovations. Research and development is an important factor to stay up front. We recently developed some promising innovative concepts such as a Vuyk mega splitter, a modular offshore construction vessel, a floating wind turbine installation vessel, a cable lay vessel, a blade installation tool and a jacking system.

Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is small enough to be flexible and large enough to be capable of handling your complex projects.