Alexandra Menzel

Innovation Project Assistant

In NMT, Alexandra has a (shared) responsibility for:

  • Project management (administration / finance) for projects NAVAIS and NOVIMAR
  • Dissemination / communication projects NAVAIS and NOVIMAR
  • Exploitation plan for project RAMSSES

As Innovation Project Assistant within the Innovation department at NMT, I am involved in project management, dissemination and communication of European projects in the framework of Horizon 2020.

Current projects I am currently working on include NAVAIS, NOVIMAR, RAMSSES and LeanShips.

The international character of these projects really appeals to me: the connection and cooperation between European companies and organizations from different subsectors, research institutes, universities and the European Commission.

I enjoy working on innovative solutions that will be beneficial to our maritime sector in the future.

My knowledge in the fields of projects and communication, which was enhanced throughout my previous positions at the University of Antwerp, TU Delft, Nuffic and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is now very useful in my current position.