Annette Opstal

Human Capital Manager

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), Annette is responsible  for:

  • Secretariat Human Capital Commissions West and Noord
  • Support initiatives related to image and inflow promotion
  • Lobby maintaining quality maritime technical education (VMBO-MBO-HBO) and alignment with the wishes of the business community
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing among members on topics such as mobility, lifelong learning, sustainable employability
  • Point of contact for members in the field of education and the jobmarket

As Human Capital Manager, I am involved in lobbying for the preservation of maritime technical education and safeguarding the quality of these courses. In addition, I promote the continuous development of and sustainable employability in our industry, so that the sector can continue to anticipate changes in the labour market. I am result-oriented in both the short and long term, meticulous, and a networker.

In addition to my role as Human Capital Manager, I am the dedicated contact person (Member Advisor) for a number of members.  I am also pleased to support members with any substantive questions or advocacy related to the sector or individual companies on a (regional, national, European and international level).