Danitsja van Heusden – van Winden

Innovation Manager

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), Danitsja is amongst others (partly) responsible for:

  • Acquiring, initiating & coordinating both national and European projects
  • Writing and compiling project plans
  • Involve project partners and put together consortia
  • Recruit means / funds for the realisation of projects
  • Provide substantive contribution and steering to projects
  • Participate in substantive studies on maritime topics
  • Maintain contacts with the maritime industry, governments and knowledge organisations

Hello, my name is Danitsja. Before I started working at NMT, I worked 12 years as Project Manager and Grant Advisor at internationally oriented research and education organisations. For a long time, I worked as Project Manager for European Commission projects that are being implemented worldwide and I worked for a while as Project Manager & Subsidy Advisor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

I have extensive experience in initiating, coordinating and managing innovative, complex and multidisciplinary projects and that is exactly were my passion lies.
My position within NMT offers me the fantastic opportunity to apply my experience and skills in a dynamic sector with an eye for the future. As Innovation Manager, I am involved in initiating, realizing and coordinating innovation projects in the maritime field. Mainly, European innovation projects in the Horizon 2020 programme.