Els Pols

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), Els is responsible  for:

  • All internal facility services
  • Reception of NMT’s guests
  • Management mailbox NMT
  • Management of contracts, insurance, telephone and fleet
  • Administrator for internal HR and ICT management

My name is Els Pols and I’ve been working as Office Manager since 2007; initially for Holland Marine Equipment, and later for HME BV. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed working for Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT). As Office Manager, I am responsible for facilitating and coordinating the internal organisation to ensure the operations run smoothly. I enjoy the challenge of making the organisation as efficient as possible so that all employees have the best possible working environment and can focus on their primary tasks.

Recently I’ve been providing administrative and operational support to my colleagues as well, which has made me more involved in the operational activities and increased my personal contact with our members. I very much enjoy this enrichment of my daily tasks.