Erik Salverda

Public Affairs Coordinator

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology, Erik is responsible for:

  • (coordination of) various public affairs activities
  • Finance of shipbuilding
  • NML Trade Council secretariat
  • NMT Funding Committee secretariat
  • maintaining contact with SEA Europe and colleagues in Brussels

During the final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration at Leiden University, I did an internship at the Maritime Affairs Directorate, part of the then Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Here I was co-responsible for the substantive preparation of the Maritime Work Conference, on 1 February 2017 in Amsterdam. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I also did a Master’s degree in Management in the Public Sector, also at Leiden University, in which I specialized in public affairs. I also did a six-month internship at IvCB, a public affairs and stake-holder management agency in The Hague.

I joined NMT as a Public Affairs Coordinator on 1st September 2018. In this position I can combine the skills that I have gained during my studies and internships. I hope to further improve my knowledge of the maritime sector during my time here, so that I can make myself useful to the best of my ability, for the various companies that NMT represents.