Harriët Slager

Sr. Manager EU Regulatory & Government Affairs

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology, Harriët is responsible for:

  • If you suffer from market disruptions in Europe and worldwide
  • If you want to know the benefits for your company of the trade agreements between for example EU-Canada / EU-Vietnam / EU-China
  • Possible threats from China to our industry
  • Negotiations for a worldwide shipbuilding treaty & Sector Agreement Export credits for ships in the OECD
  • All your questions about the European Union
  • All questions about our European lobby organization SEA Europe

Since 2009, I have been living and working in Brussels, the capital of the European Union. This is a cosy and diverse city with a large international community. I am permanently positioned here to promote the interests of Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) and its members with the European Union and its institutions.

More than 80% of Dutch legislation comes from Brussels: for instance, the European Commission makes legislative proposals that are subsequently approved by all EU member states, including the Netherlands, as well as the European Parliament. Because so much legislation and so many regulations relevant to our sector originate here, it is essential that our members are well represented in Brussels. A physical presence is of great importance: this is the only way that NMT can properly monitor and actively influence the relevant decision-making processes.

One of the key challenges in the coming years will be monitoring the level playing field in Europe and the world. I will do my best to work constructively with our European umbrella organisation SEA Europe in all these processes. Input from Dutch maritime companies, is indispensable: I invite them to always contact me if they encounter any form of trade barriers (e.g. issues related to tariffs, procurement rules, IPR, local content requirements, subsidies, etc.), in any country inside or outside Europe.

For the purposes of representation in Brussels, NMT has entered a partnership with Damen Shipyards. From 15 September 2017, I will have my office at SEA Europe’s new headquarters at the following address: 4th floor, 67 rue de la Loi, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.