Michel Koopman

Market Analyst

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology, Michel is responsible for:

  • Sector annual report
  • Secretariat of the Export Committee
  • Membership of various market-related working groups of SEA Europe
  • Monitoring market developments in the sector
  • Weekly news provision for the members of NMT

During my two-year Master’s degree in Marine Technology at Delft University of Technology, I opted for the most economics and management-related subjects. During my studies, I worked on developing a method to accurately estimate the number of man-hours required during the construction process of complex ships. I have also studied the consequences of a potential taxation of greenhouse gas emissions, especially for bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships.

As I became increasingly familiar with the maritime industry, I became more and more enthusiastic due to the many facets it has to offer. I am very interested in the numerous (new) trends within the industry. My role at NMT is very versatile. I strive to help develop NMT’s market information proposition and to quickly register new developments within the industry. I hope to share knowledge with you as members in order to provide the best possible picture of the state of affairs.