Nick Bakker

Sector Manager

Within Netherlands Maritime Technology, Nick is responsible for:

  • Health and safety matters
  • Environment issues
  • Inland shipping
  • Fishing
  • PPS supplement from TKI Maritime

My name is Nick Bakker and I am the Sector Manager at Netherlands Maritime Technology. After my business administration studies, I worked as a subsidy consultant for several years. I grew up on a shipyard, and have always had a passion for the maritime industry. At NMT I am the primary point of contact for companies in inland shipping and fishery (Category III) and manage Health & Safety and environmental dossiers with my colleagues. I also coordinate the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation allowance scheme on behalf of TKI Maritiem and am active as project leader for innovation projects. Feel free to contact me with questions about any of these subjects.

In addition to my role as Sector Manager, I am the dedicated contact person (Member Advisor) for a number of members.  I am also pleased to support members with any substantive questions or advocacy related to the sector or individual companies on a (regional, national, European and international level).