English translation of the magazine ‘ Blueprint 2050’ now available

On the 10th of October 2016 the magazine ‘Blueprint 2050, the maritime world beyond the horizon’ was published in Dutch. This magazine was  issued because of the centennial anniversary of the NISS (National Institute for shipping and shipbuilding) and now available in English. In cooperation with a number of professionals within the Dutch sector, a future perspective for the maritime sector in 2050 is outlined. This vision will also be used for refreshing the maritime knowledge and innovation agenda of ‘Topsector Water’ (Topsector water focuses on the protection of the Dutch coast, as well as on water-saving systems and water technologies for water recycling).

Because the maritime sector is an international sector, international contacts of the professionals involved in this study, expressed their interest for an English translation of the magazine in. The Innovation Council of ‘Maritime by Holland’ (a joint initiative for 12,000 companies powering the maritime sector in Holland) responded to this interest and feel it’s important that international contacts of companies, knowledge institutes and governments are informed about the Dutch view of the maritime world in 2050.

The magazine ‘Blueprint 2050, the maritime world beyond the horizon’ is only available in digital format:


This project is executed by Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT). If you have any questions about the development of the magazine or you would like to receive a hard copy of the Dutch version, please contact  Sanne de Vleeschhouwer, Innovation Manager at NMT, via vleeschhouwer@maritimetechnology.nl