Shipbuilding for non-shipbuilders training course

Shipbuilding for Non-shipbuilders training course

This course offers a good introduction into the outlines of the shipbuilding process and the shipbuilding terminology. But also if you’ would like to expand your knowledge and understanding of shipbuilding and/or if you have a lot of customer contact with shipyards or shipping companies, you’ll certainly benefit from this training course.



During the course, you’ll gain insight into the various aspects of Dutch shipbuilding. The subjects covered by the course include:

  • The maritime market and market developments
  • Various types of ships and ship parts
  • The design and building process of a ship
  • Shape of a ship
  • Stability of a ship
  • Strength of a ship
  • Resilience through the water
  • Propulsion systems
  • Engine room systems
  • Electrical installations
  • Safety on board


The ‘Shipbuilding for Non-shipbuilders’ training course is aimed at increasing your level of knowledge and understanding of shipbuilding, so that you have a better idea of the cohesion and processes in the chain and are able to contribute more efficiently to the shipbuilding process.

For and by whom

The participants are not expected to have a background in technique but a few technical subjects will be covered that will be explained so they are easy to understand. Trainer Jaap van der Velde will be giving the course.

Report grade


This training course received an average of 8.0 from participants in August/September 2022.


19th & 20st of October 2022


Two days


09:00 – 17:00


NMT office Rotterdam or other location in the Rotterdam area


NMT members: 1,075 euros
Non-members: 1,350 euros

The amounts above include materials and reference texts but not VAT. Lunch will be provided.

If your organisation is part of the Metalektro CLA, you may be able to make use of reimbursement through one of the development funds. Go to the A+O Metalektro website for more information about the options. If your organisation is affiliated with one of the social partners in the metalworking sector, you may be able to make use of one of the schemes for training pathways. Go to the OOM website for more information about the options.



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More information

For more information, please get in touch with Jeannette Lucas-Colijn, NMT Training Manager. on T 088 44 51 043 or at