First extremely economical wadden ferry for W.D.R. launched at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards

Monday, the 8th of April, the 250 pax Wadden ferry “Adler Rüm Hart” was launched in Harlingen. With a capacity of 250 passengers and an empty ship weight of only 78 tonnes, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards has realized a unique concept in collaboration with Conoship. The low weight of this aluminium ship and the optimum hull shape ensure that this ship is a perfect fit for very efficient engines with low power to realize its maximum speed of 18 knots.

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Despite the small dimensions of the ship (34 x 11 meters), this has been a project with challenges. The construction of the ship went very quick. Last December the Bloemsma hull arrived in Harlingen and with a few weeks to go the total completion time was only 5 months. The ship will be “put into operation” in the upcoming weeks after which the seatrials will take place. After the seatrials W.D.R. will immediately commission the ship for transporting passengers to and from the German Wadden Sea isles.

In addition to the short construction time, the low design weight of the ship also caused some headaches. Project Engineer Jouwert Turkstra: “We had to weigh everything that went on board with a scale, this was something new for all employees. Now that we have weighed the ship and the weight is almost the same as the design weight, we can safely say that we have stood this challenge well”.

Thecla Bodewes Shipyards specialises in building all types of seagoing and inland navigation vessels, such as: pushers, water injection dredgers, day-passenger ships, fishing vessels, tankers, low-profile coasters and project cargo vessels. Thecla Bodewes Shipyards currently has four locations and is renowned for its advanced innovation.

The aluminum catamaran was ordered by Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei Föhr-Amrum GmbH (W.D.R.).

W.D.R. maintains ferry services with six ferries from SchleswigHolstein to the North Frisian Wadden isles (from Dagebüll to Föhr and Amrum and from Schüttsiel to Hooge and Langeness).